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Our Data & Conditions

Candidate Agreement

At Kold+Partners your special skills are highly valued. Kold+Partners ensure that the right job finds the right person, for the benefit of everybody. We, therefore, ask your consent to register your information in our database, to allow us to match your skills and experience with specific jobs we are working on and provide information relevant to your job search and career. In connection with the registration, we will store the data you provide and possibly data collected from Social Media sites such as LinkedIn or other publicly available information. As a minimum, we will store your name and e-mail address and any other information you choose to provide.

By giving consent that Kold+Partners may contact you about job opportunities, you accept that your data is stored in our database and that we may contact you with information on interesting new jobs.

If we need to disclose data to a potential employer, we will obtain your explicit consent, in every case, to such disclosure before any data is shared. Your data will never be shared outside Kold+Partners recruiting team without your explicit consent.

Kold & Partners ApS ( 36551496) are responsible for processing and storing your data safely and may be contacted on

You may at any time withdraw your consent by writing to the above e-mail address. You may also ask to be informed which data we store about you and to have your data corrected or deleted.

Read more about our processing of your data and your rights in our policy on private life in the section below.

Personal Data Policy

Personal data policy – Kold & Partners ApS


1. Objective and scope

1.1: This personal data policy regulates all trade, interaction or other exchange of personal data with Kold & Partners ApS, CVR no. 36551496.


1.2: The objective of this personal data policy is to explain to you how our company processes personal data. It is our intention to make you aware of what data is collected and processed and, if possible, how long it is kept.


2. Why do we process data about you?

2.1: Kold & Partners ApS collect data about you in our database to be able to match your job profile with relevant companies and match your expectations of a future dream job with a specific job. We collect only the data required, and we process it only for the stated purpose.


3. What data do we collect?

3.1: We collect only data about people who are either active or passive job seekers.


3.2: We process the data you provide and possibly data collected from Social Media sites such as LinkedIn or other publicly available information. As a minimum, we will store your name and email address and any other information you provide.


3.3: We collect only data directly from you or from publicly accessible sources.


4. With whom do we share the data?

4.1: We share your data with companies who have shown an interest in employing people within your field and with your skills. We obtain separate consent from you every time we want to disclose data to a potential employer.


4.2: We reserve the right to disclose your data if required to do so by law or agreement or if requested to do so by a court of law. This includes the exchange of data with other companies and organisations for the purpose of protection against fraud and similar.


5. How long do we store your data?

5.1: Personal data is deleted or anonymised as the purpose for which it is collected is fulfilled. Personal data is kept for one-year intervals, after which you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm that you still want to be included in our database. If you do not answer our e-mail within 30 days, your personal data will automatically be deleted from the database.


6. Your rights

6.1: In connection with our processing of your data, you have the following rights:

  • You may, upon request, gain access to the data we process about you.
  • You may cancel your consent to the processing of your data at any time.
  • You may, upon request, have the data delivered in a readable format.
  • You may, on request, in some cases limit our processing to only some of your data.
  • You may at any time request that we correct or delete specific types of data.


6.2: If it is your impression that your data has not been processed properly, you may submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency at


7. Security

7.1: In accordance with the personal data regulations, your data must be kept in a secure and confidential manner. We store your personal data on computers and cloud services with limited access which are placed in controlled facilities, and our security measures are checked on an ongoing basis to establish whether our user data is handled securely and always with due consideration of your rights as a user.


7.2: We reserve the right to update and change these guidelines on the processing of personal data. We will contact you in the event of material changes in the form of a clear message on our websites or by e-mail.


8. Contact

8.1: If you have questions on parts of the policy, feel free to contact us on We can also be contacted on +45 2989 0903 within normal office hours.