Welcome to our video interviewing platform

The video platform allows us - and you - to interview anytime, anywhere. No need to arrange a meeting or spending time on commuting or even travelling to meet on-site. The platform is easy to use with access in only one click and can host up to 10 attendants.

Not only are we saving precious time for candidates who are often weary from many recruiter contacts, we are also saving time for our customers who have a much better impression of the candidates they choose for the first interview. 5 minutes of video alongside a great CV gives a strong basis for making a decision.

We will ask you to specify 5 interview questions at the Discovery part of the recruiting process. The questions are used when we record the video for our candidate presentation. This enables us to have a better and more relevant initial talk with the candidates to the benefit of both customer and candidate.

Candidates are presented to you in your own branded video platform site. You can share and comment with your colleagues and communicate directly with your Kold+Partners recruiter in video platform.

Example of a branded video platform site with video interviews and summaries.