Expanding the Talent Pool

The tech specialist is the most valuable resource of our time and the industries of tomorrow must think responsibly to ensure a sustainable source of talent in the future. Stealing each others talent is a zero sum game, instead we should be expanding the talent pool together.

Peter Kold - Expanding the Talent Pool - Kold+Partners

A sustainable workforce manifest

Our mission is to deliver exceptional value by helping companies find the right candidate for the job, while honouring the vision to expand the talent pool. Read more about how we do this in our code of conduct.

The World is changing, and the industry 4.0 infrastructure is being constructed by a new breed of digital architects, engineers and builders. A  workforce of specialists with an entirely different set of skills, culture and aspirations.

The new talents are looking for personal and professional growth, mobility and meaningfulness before financial security. The average length of employment is shortening while the movement across borders and industries is increasing.

We need to change the way we acquire talent and accommodate the needs of the new labour market by inspiring businesses to develop global mindsets, strengthen focus on onboarding, adopting new technologies and encourage cultural leadership to stay ahead.

Kold+Partners is leading the way towards a more sustainable workforce by meeting the needs and wishes of the tech specialist while offering businesses global sourcing, recruitment and onboarding all at once.

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