Code of Conduct

We commit to delivering the best service to both clients and candidates.

Our pledge to candidates

You, the talent, is the most important asset in the tech industry and you must be treated as such. In a recruitment process at Kold+Partners you are ensured a transparent, honest and informed process. We strive to expand the talent pool.

Therefore, you are our most important partner. We are genuinely interested in you, your wishes and needs. We treat everyone equally and are open to your feedback. We will help you succeed because your success is our success. Our ultimate goal is to become your trusted advisor:

  • We support you throughout the recruitment process.
  • We inform you of the status of any process you are a part of at least once a week.
  • We offer you feedback and advice if you are not successful in a process to improve your chances in the next process.
  • We will look for new opportunities for you if you want us to.
  • We never share your info with anyone without your consent.
  • When hired by one of our customers you become part of our family and we will keep in touch with you throughout your career.

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Our pledge to clients

We know that recruiting employees is a costly and time consuming effort. We acknowledge that you are busy and focused on the end result. Working with us is a partnership. You can expect the appropriate attention from us as we expect your attention and commitment to delivering the best possible process for all parties involved.

We strive to expand the talent pool in the tech industry. Therefore, our goal is to make tech recruitment easy and effective for you. We want to be your trusted advisor:

  • We are always prepared, ready and relevant in all contact with you.
  • We present only what we believe are the best possible candidates.
  • We are committed to finding great talent AND trying to do so while actually expanding the talent pool.
  • We are adaptable and open to adjusting the recruitment process to match your requirements.
  • We are respectful of your brand and realise that it is entrusted to us in the recruitment process.
  • We commit to a second to none experience for all candidates we have contact with when recruiting for you.

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