Our Approach

You are the tech talent and our most important partner! Being involved in a recruitment process with Kold+Partners should be quick, engaging, transparent and rewarding, and maybe even a bit of fun. This is your journey with us.


This is our first point of contact and the beginning of your recruitment process. We will start out by learning about and understanding your preferences, situation, drivers and career plans. From that, we will build a full profile of what we will help you achieve including ideal role, location and sector.

Based on the Discovery we will review your CV and compile all the information needed to create a compelling profile description emphasising your skills and experience.

Using our video interview platform we will create a video presentation to go with the written material. The goal is to make something that stands out.


On the bases of our broad network and advanced sourcing tools, we research and build a pipeline of possible positions and companies that are relevant to you. We will prepare a brief of you using the presentational material together with the video interview in order to introduce you to our contacts.

We will support you through the whole process of video and on-site interviews, tests, and negotiations by continuously briefing you about our workflows​ in order to ensure a transparent experience.


During the final stages of interviews, tests, negotiations, reference checks and onboarding you have our full support making it all as stress-free as possible for you.
If you are relocating to work for one of our clients we will assist you with information about the country, city and with the VISA process.


Once you have started your new job we will keep in touch to make sure that you are settling in and that you are happy and satisfied. We can help you raise or resolve any concerns you might have.

When you are hired through Kold+Partners you become part of our family. We will continue to support you in your career. We are always open for a talk about your wants and needs, and how you can develop your skills to progress professionally. Our aim is to be your trusted advisor throughout your career.

The Next Step

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For more information on how we handle your data and information please read our data & conditions policies.

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