How we work together
to secure the best talent

Building a close relationship with a recruiting agency is the key to success. A close and transparent cooperation ensures that the successful relationship will continue in the future to the benefit of all.

Tech companies and recruiting agencies must treat candidates with respect! An easy, quick and respectful recruiting process brings the company and agency a long way in regards to employer branding and reputation among the talent leading to more and better candidates to choose from.

These are our tips on how we can work together to deliver the best possible experience for the candidates and keep securing the best talent in the tech industry!

Agreeing on all details

The more relevant information we can give to candidates at specific stages in the process, the less likely it is that they drop out of the recruiting process. Giving correct and relevant information from the beginning about the job, team, tech-stack, salary, benefits, holidays, working hours, etc. increases the chances of success and decreases the risk of a complicated recruiting process.

This is why we sit down with you to learn and agree on everything that involves the candidate and the job. In our experience, candidates drop out or take another job when there are too many changes in the job description and/ or salary or downtime in the recruiting process - never leave a candidate hanging. When everything works smoothly and changes are communicated fast, we will get the right candidate for the job.

Combining your employer brand with our sourcing

Our task during the Search phase is to find and engage with the talent in hopes of scheduling them for interviews. Part of our pitch is selling your company to the talent. We need to activate the “whys” in the eyes and ears of the talent: “Why do I care that this company is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer?”, “Why would I want to work there?” and so on. Your employer brand lays the foundation of the answer to the talent’s questions. Then, it’s our job to align the candidate’s values and internal motivators with your company’s culture and ethics. But the structures must be in place!

Therefore, we advise that we can point the potential candidate in the right direction when they ask us specific questions about your company. You can help us out by e.g. giving us specific links to your website that we can supply the talent with. In any case, we will discuss how we can use your employer brand to your advantage in the Discovery phase of the recruiting process.

In case you believe or feel that your employer brand needs a touch-up or even a rebrand, you can read our best tips in our blog post about employer branding. We will work with you whenever needed to sharpen all parts of the recruiting process.

Ensuring a positive recruiting experience

Candidates are people, and they deserve a respectful and pleasant experience. That means both in the physical setting of e.g. your office when interviewing on-site and mentally. The mental state is just as important: does the candidate feel valued during the process? If not, it’s very likely the talent will stop the process and proceed elsewhere.

Furthermore, a negative experience may have an impact on your future recruiting endeavours, so make sure every candidate you talk to and meet with experiences the same quick, effective and pleasant service from you. Treat candidates at least as well as you treat your customers and current employees.

Acting quickly when closing the deal!

The candidate might have multiple offers at hand so it’s essential that you don’t dither about and leave the candidate waiting for days. When initiating a recruiting process, the end result should be your highest priority: finding and signing the right candidate for the job. Be aware, that the candidate might accept another offer if you wait 2-3 weeks to get back to the candidate! 

Respect the candidate’s time and acknowledge that the candidate’s situation is sensitive too. If you know that this is the talent you want to hire, start the hiring process immediately. The candidate will feel that you’re prioritizing the recruiting process and thus will most probably end up signing with you - if you both feel that you’re a perfect match, don’t waste everyone's time! 

Securing a positive start with a good onboarding experience

We support both you and the candidate after you’ve put your signature on the contract. We are there to make sure that you are satisfied with your new employee as well as to evaluate the whole process: Did we live up to our own standards? How was the collaborative experience for both of us? And did we manage to find the right talent for the job? We stay in touch because we want to make sure that we keep delivering the best possible service to you.

We also keep in contact with the candidate to evaluate the same process from his or her perspective: Is there anything we could have done differently and did the recruiting process live up to the standards? Since we believe that tech talent is the most important resource of our time, we must make sure that they experience an easy, fast and effective recruiting process.

If your soon-to-be employee is moving to Denmark for the job you can read our article about almost all the necessary details, nice-to-know information and guidance when moving a foreign employee to Denmark. In any case, we will also assist you with the task of moving your new employee to Denmark!

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