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Most candidates are not actively looking for a new job and they can be hard to find or they are living in another country. This is where we enter the equation - we have a deep understanding of what motivates this type of talent, what drives and interests them and we know how to find and get in touch with them.

We are experts in identifying and finding tech talent for our clients. Partnering with us means entering a committed partnership. An effective partnership between our recruitment consultant and your hiring manager ensures the most efficient recruitment process. We conduct a thorough and effective search and selection process, where you will be presented with the best and brightest talent.


I want to recruit new talent to my team

Working with Kold+Partners is committing to working in a partnership.
We believe in cooperation, close contact and short feedback loops.


When you choose to partner with us we commit to allocating the appropriate resources to quickly understand your needs and generate a shortlist of passive candidates we have pitched your job and company and screened.


You will never receive a long list of irrelevant candidates from us. 
All candidates are screened and presented to you along with a short presentation video in a microsite set up for you and the job.


If you are scaling up and are hiring for many positions we offer to embed one of our consultants into your organisation alternatively you can have a dedicated team at our site.

I need a consultant

We have a long history of delivering consultants and temporary staff to our partners. When you are in need of an expert, a project manager or other technical staff for a limited period of time, we can help you find the right talent for the job.


Our extensive network of freelancers and great talent will provide you with the relevant resources and ensures quick and effective solutions to your urgent staffing needs.


Our partners use us as the agent who finds the best resources and handles everything. This is a complete plug-and-play solution. You only have to provide a task and manage the candidate while at work, we do everything else.


We also provide relocation services for international consultants and can in general handle all situations, ranging from only delivering hours to also delivering housing, car and all other practical needs.

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